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Indigenous Roots of Jazz

On this day, many people in the United States celebrate "Columbus Day" and his so-called discovery of America. Going back deep into history, and using common sense, one discovers that this not only NOT true, but it was also the…

On the Passing of Steve Grossman

Today, I was informed by a friend, that a mutual friend posted on their Facebook page that saxophonist Steve Grossman, had died. 

If you are or were a private student of mine, a follower of my posts, my YouTube Channel…

Upcoming Books: "The Book of EWI" and "Doubles Troubles"


Keep on the lookout for my upcoming books

"The Book of EWI"  Toward mastering the AKAI Electronic Wind Instrument


"Doubles Troubles"! Tips, Tricks, exercises, and etudes for doubling between Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and the EWI.


My Sheet Music Plus Catalog

Hello Fan!

I've recently have been writing several arrangements for various instrumentations for SheetMusicPlus

If you have a Saxophone Quartet, Clarinet Quintet, with or without a rhythm section, String Quartet or jazz combo, be sure to drop by and…