The SaxHolder from Jazzlab

 “It feels so natural. I can move freely without the weight of the horn on my neck. I’m able to breathe freely and the SAXHOLDER-PRO supports the breathing from the stomach. Truly, a great investment!”

 Cannonball Saxophones

 "The people at Cannonball Music are passionate about making the best horns they possibly can and are willing to try a broadband of materials and nuances. They could be the company that will put an American brand back at the forefront of saxophone manufacturing! Very nice horns. The response and intonation are great. The sound is huge! Lots of power in the horn!"


“I’ve had avoided using synthetic reeds for many years. My biggest concern was the sound. The G-reed sounds great and the response in the altissimo range is incredible!” 

LEFREQUE  Sound Bridge

 "This simple, yet fantastic piece of technology increases my dynamic range and keeps my sound centered. A permanent part of my arsenal."