Clarinet tips

I (finally) started playing the clarinet back in my college days after avoiding it for so long. I had the typical middle school band experience of hearing the instrument played by those who really couldn't play it well enough that I could appreciate it.

All that changed at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City!

I heard some of the real beauty of the clarinet! At first, I still sucked as bad as a middle musician on it, but I've learned to befriend the instrument ( and I actually got to take a clarinet lesson with Joe Allard!), and I really fell in love with the bass clarinet

On this platform, I will be doing my best to provide you, the up and coming doubler, with content to help you master the basics of the clarinet.

Return to this spot frequently and send me an email with your questions and suggestions!  

I'm always glad to hear from my visitors and fans!

Recording with the Clarinet

Yesterday I did a recording session on the clarinet. It's not something I do too often but I'm always up for a challenge. :-)

Recording is quite different from live playing. Yes, you'll need the same skills you need when…

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Daily Warm Ups for Clarinet Doublers

The most important part of becoming a woodwind doubler is establishing a practice routine for all of your instruments. Time is a precious commodity and we have to find the most effective techniques to practice in order to use our…

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