Flute Tips

I started playing the flute in High School at the age of 16, after playing the saxophone for four years already. I had it in my mind to become a doubler just like my musical hero, Eric Dolphy. I love playing the flute although it often caused me a lot of distress at times ( like any instrument, really). 

I had six month's worth of private lessons on the instrument and I have been practicing and performing with it since then. My personal greatest achievement on the flute was to play the 1st Woodwind chair for the musical "A Chorus Line" (90% Flute and piccolo,  7% clarinet, 3% alto saxophone - estimated guess).

I will be sharing tips from colleagues, master classes, discoveries, and teaching experiences.

Return to this spot frequently and send me an email with your questions and suggestions!  

I'm always glad to hear from my visitors and fans!

Recording with the Flute

I've made a few recordings with the flute in the last months and I want to share a couple of tips about what and how I did these sessions. I don't do a lot of recording on flute, but I'm…

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Strengthening Your Flute Sound

Having a good, strong sound on the flute is just as important as playing in tune and having the necessary flexibility in your technique. 

As saxophonists, we are used to practicing long tones and overtones. You can do exactly the…

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