EWI Tips

After experimenting with using my sax through a voice processor (Roland VP70) to control synthesizers (Korg Poly 800, Yamaha DX11) back in the late 1990's, I've recently returned to experimenting with sounds by purchasing an AKAI EWI.

After first perusing the web looking for tips on setting it up (that wasn't so easy to find) because the EWI wasn't really "plug-and-play" as I had expected, I have been practicing and playing it A LOT (!) and I have discovered some very interesting things while playing the EWI. I even wrote a book of exercises that I wish I had found when I first started to practice it!

On this platform, I'll be going through different sections of my book and much more in text and via video, to help you master the basics of this powerful instrument.

Return to this spot frequently and send me an email with your questions and suggestions! 

I'm always glad to hear from my visitors and fans!





Cleaning Your EWI Mouthpiece and More!

Recently on my YouTube Channel I got a question about when and how often to clean the mouthpiece on my EWI. I answered this question and a lot more on my new video series "EWI Tuesdays". You can check out…

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EWI Starter Mini Course now available!

If you have just purchased an EWI (either an EWI USB or EWI5000) or are just a beginner with this marvelous instrument, I have a great beginner course just for you! It will get you up and running in no…

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How To Really Practice Scales

Like on any instrument we play, it's part of good musicianship to practice scales. But, is the way that many practice them, playing up and down the scale, maybe all over the horn, the best way to practice them? Or…

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Exercises for the Break

As with any woodwind instrument we play, whether that be saxophone, flute, or there is an area where we need to practice in order to have a smooth transition between registers. This is often referred to as "the break". Where…

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First Exercises for the EWI

Before I wrote my book on the EWI, I  conducted a survey with many EWI players asking them what some of the difficulties were, if any, on learning to play the EWI. One of the major problems were using the…

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