Choosing the Right Saxophone: Tips for First-Time Buyers

When purchasing a saxophone, it's important to invest in a quality instrument that will provide a rich and enjoyable playing experience. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which saxophone is worth…

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Breathing - Important for Life, Important for your performance.


Breathing is vital for life and critical for saxophone players to optimize their performance. Without proper breathing technique, saxophonists may struggle to play long phrases, leading to subpar performances. Here are some essential breathing exercises for saxophonists to improve…

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"Jack of all trades" - Tips on doubling.


For those saxophonists who plan to make playing music their profession, playing several woodwinds is eventually a necessity in order to keep yourself in supply of enough work. There is also much to gain out of what you learn…

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Why Scales Are Not The Answer

I remember my first solo. I played in my High School's Junior Jazz Big Band. I was 15, and I played 2nd alto in the band. We had a concert at school. We played a funky rock tune, and…

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On the Passing of Steve Grossman

Today, I was informed by a friend, that a mutual friend posted on their Facebook page that saxophonist Steve Grossman, had died. 

If you are or were a private student of mine, a follower of my posts, my YouTube…

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Product Review: The A.L.E. "Reed Balancer"

This time I'm reviewing the A.L.E. "Reed Balancer". Soon I'll be doing another video on reed preparation in general:
What it is, How to do it, What to look for, What to avoid, What tools are on the market.


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An Important Tip on How to Improve Your Technique

This is in part a follow-up on a previous video of mine; "5 Things You're Practicing Incorrectly and How To Correct Them". This video displays a way to approach practicing technique and technical issues within a piece or music, or…

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