250 Jazz Patterns
  • 250 Jazz Patterns
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What the Pros are saying about “250 Jazz Patterns”: “I highly recommend the book “250 Jazz Patterns” by Evan Tate, it is an invaluable tool

for the development of improvisation in the jazz language. I use it with my students to

develop their ear towards a more melodic and motif oriented approach to playing chord

progressions, specifically turnarounds and the essential ii V I variations. There is more

to this book than meets the eye, it not only feeds student but it teaches the student to

cook so that he/she can feed themselves for a musical lifetime.”

  • Chico Freeman

Tenor & Soprano saxophonist / Recording Artist

www.chicofreeman.com “In a world already overcrowded with instructional books written about jazz

improvisation, Evan Tate’s rises to the top. I urge any beginning musician interested in

becoming a more fluent improviser to buy this book. It will help you tremendously.”

  • Gary Smulyan

Baritone Saxophonist/ Jazz Educator


A valuable resource for students of jazz improvisation. Theses patterns start at the beginning level and move forward progressively to advanced and more complex patterns. PLUS: “Practice Solos” to help incorporate the patterns into your playing faster than imagined! 233 Pages! PDF FORMAT

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