A New Aid for Jazz Improvisation


I have created this "250 Jazz Patterns" to pass on to YOU the techniques I have learned from my instructors and have taught to my more than 100 students over the past 20 years! You too can learn to master jazz improvisation systematically and faster than ever before! 

You're listening to your favorite players and you're wishing that you can play at least nearly as good as they are and do a lot of practice to get there. But your efforts don't seem to get you any closer. 

Starting out 

I know how you feel. When I was a kid just starting in jazz improvisation, I listened to Jazz, tried to learn the melodies to tunes, tried to learn to improvise per the "Chord/Scale" method, played transcribed solos, imitate players from records - everything I could think of. 

At one point, while I was practicing Charlie Parker solos, I realized that I didn't understand what he was doing. It all sounded great, but he noted he was playing to the chords, theoretically, didn't make sense. But it must somehow be, right, right? 

So, I continued to practice blind faith. Trusting that one day I'll be able to understand. 

The "Aha" Effect! 

Finally, after 2 years of practicing and playing, I began to understand what was going on! "Oh, man! THAT'S what he's doing!" After that, everything seemed so simple and my improvising improved 100 %, almost overnight! 

In my book "250 Jazz Patterns" I want to give you the tools to improve your playing and to be able to play like your favorites whether they be John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Cannonball Adderley, Michael Brecker, or any other player you'd like to emanate. 

Much more than just exercises! 

Also included in the book are "Improv Etudes" on several standard chord progression and jazz standards such as; 

  • Blues 
  • Rhythm Changes 
  • Lady Bird 
  • Cherokee 
  • Giant Steps 

Just as Etudes (Studies) are used in learning the language of classical music, "Improv Etudes" are used here to learn and understand the jazz improvisational language. 

The "Improv Etudes" are designed to help you: 

  • super-charge your ears 
  • build your technique 
  • improve your soloing in all keys 
  • develop your style! 

Have you ever practiced licks off a recording or book of solo transcriptions and have been "waiting" until it finally becomes part of your playing style? 

Well, you know that that seems to take FOREVER

"Improv Etudes" provide a solution to your dilemma! While learning to use "Improv Etudes" you use the most effective way to incorporate any lick into your solos faster than ever before! 

You will learn to play exactly the way you'd like and save hundreds of hours in practice time! 

And that's not all! 

You'll also get transcribed solos included in the book at no extra cost! Take your favorite licks out of these solos (or any other solos you have) and incorporate them into your playing using "Improv Etudes"

  • Impress your friends, family, and colleagues with your new soloing skills! 
  • Stand out among the crowd! 
  • Become popular in your local jazz scene!

What the Pros are saying about “250 Jazz Patterns”:

“I highly recommend the book “250 Jazz Patterns” by Evan Tate, it is an invaluable tool for the development of improvisation in the jazz language. I use it with my students to develop their ear towards a more melodic and motif oriented approach to playing chord progressions, specifically turnarounds and the essential ii V I variations. There is more to this book than meets the eye, it not only feeds student but it teaches the student to cook so that he/she can feed themselves for a musical lifetime.” 

Chico Freeman 
Tenor & Soprano saxophonist / Recording Artist 

“In a world already overcrowded with instructional books written about jazz improvisation, Evan Tate’s rises to the top. I urge any beginning musician interested in becoming a more fluent improviser to buy this book. It will help you tremendously.” 

Gary Smulyan 
Baritone Saxophonist/ Jazz Educator 

A valuable resource for students of jazz improvisation. Theses patterns start at the beginning level and move forward progressively to advanced and more complex patterns.
PLUS: “Practice Solos” to help incorporate the patterns into your playing faster than imagined! 233 Pages! PDF FORMAT

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