"Show'em Where Ya Live"
  • "Show'em Where Ya Live"
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This is a jazz-fusion / free funk piece I wrote for my band "REWIND" back in the '80s. Alto Sax, Guitar, Keys, 5-String E-bass, and drums. This tune was inspired by Ornette Coleman's "Prime Time" band. Wild, crazy and free funkin'.

I wrote this at a time that I was experimenting with bringing more of a "jamming" element with my band (at that time no keys), and still have a little arrangement to the tune. This arrangement was actually inspired by a "mistake" while playing the tune for the first time, and I decided it was better that way. Check out the SoundCloud recording. It was sight-read during a rehearseal and that was the absolute first time playing this tune. I think you'll be pleased. :-)

Live recording to be found here on SoundCloud.

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