Have you heard of the "One Note Theory"?

The "One Note Theory" is a concept for forming an optimal saxophone embouchure (also for clarinet!). 

It is based on principles I'd learned from Hon. Dr. Joseph Allard, master teacher of many world famous saxophonists and clarinetists. Among them were; 

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Long Tones: Are you practicing them effectively?

I recently stumbled across a video in YouTube with the title "The Only Long Tones Exercise You'll Ever Need". So naturally, I was curious to find out what that was. 

Although, it was a good exercise I did find flaws…

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The Importance of Composing in Improvisation

The topic of this audio is a subject I’ve spoken about with my peers as well as my students over the years. And that is the subject of composing. 

You see, throughout musical history, the musician / performer was…

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Playing over a Dominant 7th Chord

With this article/sound file / pdfs, I'd like to discuss and demonstrate some of the thinking and techniques I use when I'm faced with having to solo over a dominant 7th chord for an extended solo. 

In college, we often…

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Enclosures for Improvisation - Part One

A while back someone asked me about enclosures and how to practice them for improvisation. I had to first identify what was meant by "enclosures".  I realized that I've always referred to this technique as "encircling". 

What I would do…

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Improv Etude over "Cherokee"

This is a challenging Bebop standard from Ray Noble. Any improviser that wants to prove their worth must be able to play this standard, often at break-neck tempos. 

This improv etude will force you to use the whole range of…

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10 Ways To Improve Your Jazz Soloing

Everyone who works hard on improvising jazz comes to a point that they hit wall. They feel that their practicing is not helping their soloing anymore. They don't know what to practice anymore. They looking for inspiration but don't know…

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