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“Show’em Where Ya Live!”

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This is a jazz-fusion / free funk piece I wrote for my band “REWIND” back in the ’80s. Alto Sax, Guitar, Keys, 5-String E-bass, and drums. This tune was inspired by Ornette Coleman’s “Prime Time” band. Wild, crazy and free…

Music for Bass Clarinet

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Hi Fans! Bass Clarinet is one of my favorite instruments and I’m working to get back into it on a regular basis. In the meantime, I’ve got a solo composition that I’ve originally played on alto sax but it works…

Music arrangements by Evan Tate on Sheet Music Plus!

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Sheet Music for Sax Quartet, Band, String Quartet, Bass Clarinet… Hello, Fans! I’ve been recently very busy writing arrangements for various ensembles like Saxophone Quartet and Quintet, String Quartet with Rhythm section, Clarinet Quintet, Woodwind Quartet, Jazz Combo, and the…

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