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Enclosures for Improvisation – Part One

A while back someone asked me about enclosures and how to practice them for improvisation. I had to first identify what was meant by “enclosures”.  I realized that I’ve always referred to this technique as “encircling”. What I would do… Continue Reading →

München – 05/25/17

Wer Stephan Weiser und Co. When Thursday, May 25, 2017 9:00pm – Alle Altersgruppen Where Mauro’s Negroni Club (map) Kellerstr. 32 München, Germany 81667 Other InfoStephan Weiser – klavier Peter Hops – bass Tommy Eberhardt – drums Evan Tate -… Continue Reading →

Chasin’ The Trane – Part 3 Bonus!

Here’s another way one can work with “Coltrane Changes”. The dominant chord is one of the most flexible chords one can deal with. If you checked out the post “Playing over a Dom. 7th Chord”, you know what I mean…. Continue Reading →

Munich, Deutschland – 06/06/17

Wer Tracey Cooper Quintett When Tuesday, June 6, 2017 10:00pm – Alle Altersgruppen Where Night Club in Hotel Bayerischer Hof (map) Promenadeplatz 2-6 Munich, Deutschland, Germany 80333 Other InfoTracey Cooper – vocals Thomas Obermayer – double bass Davide Roberts -… Continue Reading →

Chasin’ The ‘Trane – Part 2 on Patreon!

This month I’ve got a whole 16-page PDF for you! For those of you that are familiar with John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” and his other tunes based on similar harmonies, here I have an option you can try out in… Continue Reading →

Try this “Minimalist” Exercise to improve your Improvisation

All improvisers are looking for new licks and/or techniques to improve our soloing. As saxophonists, too often are we seduced to licks with many notes with sometimes some quite complicated harmonic structures. I got a little weary of that I… Continue Reading →

Playing over a Dominant 7th Chord

Hello Patrons! With this article / sound file / pdfs, I’d like to discuss and demonstrate some of the thinking and techniques I use when I’m faced with having to solo over a dominant 7th chord for an extended solo…. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Composing in Improvisation

Hello, Patrons! The topic of this audio is a subject I’ve spoken about with my peers as well as my students over the years. And that is the subject of composing. You see, throughout musical history, the musician / performer… Continue Reading →

München – 01/08/18

Wer Uptown Jazz Orchestra When Monday, January 8, 2018 9:00pm – Alle Altersgruppen Where Jazzclub Unterfahrt (map) München, Deutschland Other InfoTBA « Back to the calendar

München – 10/23/17

Wer Uptown Jazz Orchestra When Monday, October 23, 2017 9:00pm – Alle Altersgruppen Where Jazzclub Unterfahrt (map) München, Deutschland « Back to the calendar

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